Touching Videos Of Soldiers Returning Home To Their Families

We love that these soldiers got creative with announcing their return home

soldier's homecoming is a great moment for every military family, regardless of when or how it takes place. These soldiers set out to surprise their families - making an appearance in a big way. If these don't make you at least a little teary eyed, I don't know what can.
Soldier surprises little sister at school
Soldier surprises his son by photobombing his school picture
Soldier comes home early and gives his family a scuba surprise
U.S. Marine is home in time for his sister's college graduation ceremony
Soldier made it home for his mom's 60th birthday
She thought they were gathering to take a family photo - complete with a cutout picture of her son - and that's when he arrived in person.
Soldier surprises his wife - delivers her order in Chick-fil-A
Army Captain surprises her daughter at a football game
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