You won't believe what you'll see while landing at this airport

I wouldn't feel very safe flying in or out of there

n December 4, 2010, Dagestan Airlines Flight 372 was scheduled to fly from Moscow to the Republic of Dagestan. Shortly after take off, at an altitude of 30,000 feet, the pilots reported the loss of 2 of the planes 3 engines. The pilots attempted an emergency landing in freezing rain, but during the attempt, the plane's 3rd engine went out, forcing the plane to land to the right of the runway.
The plane before the crash
The emergency landing resulted in 2 deaths and 92 injuries of which 39 were serious. The remains of the plane were left untouched so that a proper investigation of the crash could take place.
The plane shortly after the crash
It was eventually determined that the engine failure was caused by a flight engineer accidentally shutting off a fuel pump while transferring fuel. On 22 January 2015, the airplane's pilot Zakarzha Zakarzhayev was found guilty in court for violating safety rules of transportation and air travel, which led by neglect to death of two or more people. He was given a suspended sentence of 3 years and then immediately amnestied. The remains of the plan are expected to be removed soon, now that the investigation and trial is over.
The remains of the plane today, as seen when landing at Domodedovo International Airport
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