Heartwarming stories of dogs reuniting with their owners

These will hit you right in your feels

ogs are said to be man's best friend - judging by these photos and videos, the saying is accurate! The excitement and joy these dogs exhibit when seeing their owner is incredible to see. Whether the owners were gone for years, weeks, or even just a day, these dogs can't contain their happiness when greeting them.
Steve & Jezebel
Jezebel ran to greet her owner, Flight Lieutenant Steve Morris, upon his arrival home from a seven-month deployment. Between the smile on his face and her flapping ears as she runs toward him, it's clear that they're happy to see each other again!
Jason & Cila
Army Sergeant Jason Bos and his military service dog, Cila, worked together for nearly 5 years - first detecting roadside bombs in Iraq and later doing security screenings in the U.S. When it was time for Sgt. Bos to return home, the two were separated. Now that Cila is retiring, her long-time companion has adopting her, stating that "it's time for her to retire and live the couch life". There's so much mutual love expressed in this reunion!
Mia & Her Parents
This couple went on a week long vacation and returned to Mia, their overjoyed dog. It's almost as if she'd been waiting with bated breath for their return... "oh my gosh, you're home! You're home! You're home!!!" This dog really loves her owners!
The first 30 seconds will give you the gist
Reckless & His Family
This family lost their beloved dog, Reckless, during hurricane Sandy. Chuck and Elicia searched for their dog for weeks after the storm but were unable to find him. A year and a half later, the family was ready for a new dog and went to a shelter looking to adopt. The family explained the kind of dog they wanted and the adoption counselor brought in the first candidate. Much to their surprise, it was their own dog Reckless!
When they saw their dog, Chuck said they "both got teary-eyed. The dog was licking us to death, he was jumping three feet in the air. He was home. He knew the ordeal was over."
Tasha & Her Owner
This dog was found roaming a neighborhood looking confused and distressed. A couple saw Tasha and brought her into their backyard, then took a picture and posted it to Facebook, hoping it would help them find the owners. Within 4 hours the photo had been shared 100 times and her owner was located. Tasha was accidentally let out the night before and her owners were relieved to know she was okay. Here's there reunion:
Rebecca & Casey
Rebecca was deployed for two years - her Schnauzer, Casey, was shocked and overly excited to finally see her again. The dog nearly passes out from over-exerting itself in barking and jumping around to welcome her home.
Rick & Karma
This is Karma. Her owner, Rick, is homeless. He enjoys her companionship and love so much that he makes sacrifices to maintain her well-being. Rick contracted an infection after jumping into a river to save Karma. When he learned that he needed to be hospitalized for an undetermined amount of time, Rick brought her to a rescue center. The center agreed to care for Karma while he received medical attention. Nearly three weeks later the companions were happily reunited... doesn't her face say it all?
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