A 2nd-Grader's Journal Entry From 20 Years Ago Is Brilliantly Hilarious

Teachers should know that a bathroom trip will take at least a few minutes, especially if there's diarrhea involved!

stumbled upon this journal entry written by a second-grade student venting about her "stuped" teacher. The note was discovered by her parents - while they were bothered that the teacher would only allow "10 secins" to use the bathroom, they also found the feisty 7-year-old's note to be hilarious.
Her parents saved the journal entry and presented it to her when she was 22. She said her dad especially loves it, so her husband had it framed a few years later as a Secret Santa gift for him. I hope it makes you smile the way it made me.
She would also like to state, for the record, that Ms. Smith was a horribly mean teacher and deserved to be called names. With that said, she feels one of the insults is insensitive and apologizes for it.
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