This Middle-Aged Woman Rapper Might Be The Next Missy Elliot

These hilarious videos of her rapping will make you smile

ackie B's first album was on a cassette tape – recorded nearly 20 years ago. Not much has happened in her rap career since then, but she now shares her talent with us all on YouTube. Not only does she rap about her sexual preferences and being a pimpstress; she uses Big Macs, Kit Kats and Oreos as metaphors. I want to be your friend, Jackie B.
Apparently she was at a funeral in this video – maybe not the most appropriate time for a vulgar rap, but it sounds like it cheered everyone up
"I’m screaming Boom Shakalaka cuz this shit is so good" is similar to what I say when I dip my (actual) Oreos in milk
Really diggin the neon earrings… they're bigger than my face, but they look good on you Ms. B
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