This Girl Almost Lost 7 Of Her Fingers To Frostbite

This Aussie went to Canada and got her ass kicked by the cold

fter getting so drunk she passed out outside of a bar in freezing temperatures, she awoke to find that her fingers were completely frozen. After being treated for frostbite by Dr. Freezin (yes, really!) she was able to keep all of her fingers. They may be kind of mangled, but at least there's still 10 of them.
Frostbite can cause your skin to freeze and die on a cellular level... during the attempt to repair itself, the body responds with crazy and painful inflammation. These pictures show the aftermath of a cold and drunken escapade.
This is what hypothermia and the early stages of frostbite looks like, folks
Then come the blisters...
2 days and lots of opiates later, her hands looked like this
Cute headband, btw
On the third day, her doctor drained the blisters
Now on the road to recovery
I think there were a few lessons learned here: don't get blackout drunk, know your way home, wear gloves in the cold, and maybe don't visit Canada during the winter.
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