You Won't Believe What This Guy Does On A Swing

This video will make you sweat and squirm, but the outcome is awesome!

his guy accomplishes what so many of us aspired to do on the playground as children - a 360 degree spin over the swing set. Almost sure to be a failure if done on a normal swing, this swing is specially designed for going upside-down. The arms are steel and the person is fastened to the swing base by their feet – it’s called a Kiiking swing.
Kiiking was invented in Estonia in 1996 and it’s actually a sport! The longer the arms, the more difficult it is to fully spin around the top. With the objective being a 360 degree spin, the person to accomplish the 360 with the longest arms is deemed the winner. The current record is just over 23 feet long.
The video will make you squirm and wonder what the hell he's thinking as he gets higher and higher with each swing. The guy has balls of steel and an incredibly strong core as well.
Keep watching... it's worth the wait
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