Watching These Animals Having Fun is Fun, I Promise

I think I might need to go get myself a pet goat now!

eddit user Sappharos recently posted his list of favorite gifs and videos of animals having fun. We liked them so much that we thought we would share them with you and throw in a few of our favorites. Enjoy!
I think he stopped caring when he realized there wasn't a crowd watching his heroism
This bird will probably be able to make a pretty baller nest with all of the hair its collecting
Did the bird put something rotten smelling up his nose, or is he just being a flirt?
And the winner of King of the Metal Sheet is...
Who will be the Tarzan of crows?
Who knew crows were so friendly?
This poor cow is never going to hear the end of the day "Little Jimmy the Goat Knocked Him Out"
Our favorite! I am in the process of selling my dog to go buy an awesome goat like this guy!
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